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I'm happy to endorse Jill for City Council. — Chris Anderegg

I served with Jill on the Gravenstein Schools Magnet Foundation Board of Directors for several years. She brought an enormous amount of energy, experience and good judgment to the Board. She cares deeply about Sebastopol and all its residents. She always researches complex issues. She cares what other people think and listens seriously to differing opinions. She will make an excellent City Council member. — Rick Brody
Attorney at Law

As local business owners, we are excited to learn about Jill’s plans to bring more businesses to Sebastopol. We need the sales tax dollars! — Chip & Loretta Castleberry

I'm happy to endorse Jill for City Council. — Lou Castleberry

We are fortunate that Jill has decided to run for City Council. She genuinely cares about our community, and is already very knowledgeable of the challenges the City is facing. She has the skills, professional experience, and integrity that we need to keep the City safe, improve finances, and make it flourish. Vote for Jill! — Jennifer Estrella

I am proud to endorse Jill McLewis for city council. She will be a thoughtful, conscientious, and dedicated councilmember. Jill has demonstrated her vision for our town through years and years of unselfish work in the community. We will be lucky to have her on council. — Jann Eyrich

As a resident of Sebastopol and a Sebastopol volunteer firefighter I endorse Jill Mclewis for city council. — Christian Garcia
Sebastopol resident/Sebastopol Volunteer firefighter

I most definitely endorse Jill for Sebastopol City Council and will vote for her. We need a change in the City Council and Sebastopol needs her experience, understanding, compassion, and common sense. Tom McGuire, DDS — Tom McGuire

As a local firefighter and resident of Sebastopol, I give Jill my endorsement for city council based on her devotion to support our local infrastructure such as fire, parks, roads, and quality of life in Sebastopol. — Shawn-Paul O'Dell
Local Firefighter

I am endorsing Jill and looking forward to her experience in understanding the need to bring a greater balance to running the city government! — Jack Piccinini
Retired Fire Chief and active volunteer firefighter for Sebastopol FD

I am supporting Jill McLewis because her stated priorities, particularly with regard to the future of the Sebastopol Fire Department, are essential to the City of Sebastopol in addition to the well-being of its residents. — Joe Pogar

As a local firefighter for the past 18 years and resident of Sebastopol for over 30 years, I give Jill my endorsement for city council. Her commitment and support to our most obvious needs such as fire, police, parks, roads, and quality of life in Sebastopol is needed greatly. — Richard R Ressler

I've lived in Sebastopol for over 25 years. I've watched what has been happening recently to my city and am not happy with what has been done and what wasn't done. Time for a change and time to elect someone who cares for all of Sebastopol's citizens, not just a select few. I'm voting for Jill because her knowledge and experience will bring a fresh perspective to the Council and she will do what is right for Sebastopol. Zoe — Zoe Rivers

I have known Jill professionally and have worked closely with her for over five years. She listens, approaches people and challenges with thoughtfulness and intelligence, and is a highly skilled problem-solver.  She is an excellent planner, and is committed to follow-through.  I value that she is highly ethical, attentive to detail, and strives to do the right thing.  Her integrity is impeccable.  — Sonja Schluter, MD

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