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Downtown Vitality

Through my experiences with the Chamber of Commerce, the Sebastopol Downtown Association and owning my own small, local business, I am committed to helping our local, small businesses thrive. (Read More)

Climate Resilience & City Networks

We need to have in place an citywide evacuation plan, which we currently do not have, a well-supported fire department, upgraded water systems and a police department that truly knows our community. In addition, we have several schools in our community. As a Council Member I would like to see these departments working together with our community groups to ensure that we have a plan if we ever need one. (Read More)

Our Fire Department

Currently, the fire department is undergoing a transformation so that it can continue to serve our community. I promise to collaborate with our fire department to work toward the best outcome for our City. (Read More)

Great Public Spaces

We have public spaces like our roads and sidewalks which need some help and some renewal. (Read More)

Students, Schools and Families

Sebastopol has many schools in our City Limits and nearby: Analy High School, Parkside Elementary, Brookhaven Middle School, Sunridge Charter School, and the Sebastopol Downtown Charter School. Our student population is socially and economically diverse and a crucial part of our healthy, dynamic community. (Read More)

Commitment to Diversity

I am committed to protecting the rights of all of our community members. Sebastopol has a wonderful legacy of social justice, which I intend to continue and honor.

(Read More)

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